We specialize in coaching scientists. We will help you flourish at any stage of your scientific career. Advancing Scientists can provide you with a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Comprehensive professional advancement planning
  • Strategic networking and information gathering 
  • Guided ideation and goal setting
  • Structured decision making
  • Informed resume and application preparation
  • Differentiated personal narrative development
  • Independent advice and guidance
  • Deliberate lifelong learning 
  • Future-proofiing analytics, data science, and AI up-skilling 

Even if you’re not sure what kind of coaching you need, don’t worry about it. We’ll help you figure it out.

Advancing Scientists offers personalized resources, advice, and coaching to meet your individual needs. We can empower you to realize your fullest potential and achieve your loftiest ambitions.

Still not sure? Start learning on our reading page–in particular, check out a deeper analysis of why career coaching for scientists is so important.

Ready now? Schedule an appointment or email me at scott@advancingscientists.com to get started.