The Scientist to Data Scientist program is a truly personalized learning experiences, designed specifically for scientists. It’s not just your ordinary anonymous massive online courses like those you’ll find on Coursera or Udemy. Tailored for you as an individual, it features a combination of 5-15 one-on-one sessions with ample self-study and guided, project-based assignments. Whatever pace you choose, you’ll gain marketable skills while creating a tangible work product. Do the first session, then decide if you want to commit to the full course.

If you you’re a scientist, you can be data scientist. Pivot into this lucrative career path or bolster your current skill set to become a scientific data scientist. Learn Python, git, data visualization, and artificial intelligence and machine learning. Use your scientific mind to generate incredibly valuable analytical insights in any field.

If you want to give it a shot alone, start here. If you’d like some personalized guidance and attention, schedule your first Scientist to Data Scientists program 1 hour session for $100 (USD) below or email with any questions.